Evening Race Documents

Course 60-SW
Course 61-SE
Course 62-NW
Course 63-NE
Course 64-S
Course 65-W
Course 66-N
Course 67-E

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Evening Race Scheduling Criteria

Whilst determining the evening series race dates and start times, SWSA adheres to the following criteria, which are subject to periodic review by the cruiser sub-committee:

  1. Boats at the extreme ends of Southampton Water (e.g. Itchen River) need a minimum of 1 hour commuting time to get from their slipways, out in the dinghy to the yacht and thence by yacht to the race area;
  2. We always finish the race before sunset (sunset as-defined by the ABP tide tables);
  3. We never start earlier than 6pm on a week day (preferably later if tide and daylight permit);
  4. Preference is given to week days over weekends and to Wednesdays over other weekdays;
  5. We allow for a maximum race duration of 1.5 hours (as-per the sailing instructions);
  6. We never race on Thursdays as this would clash with the Warsash and RSYC evening series;
  7. We allow for a 10 race series with 5 discards;
  8. Where possible, we avoid races on consecutive days with SWSA passage events;
  9. For tidal moorings (e.g. Hythe, Southampton SC, Itchen river) we assume access from 2.5 hours after the preceding low water to 1.5 hours before the following low water.