Single Handed Racing

Single-handed sailing race in Southampton Water

test your skills

Normally on a Sunday - see programme

Join us starting in the vicinity of Hythe Sailing Club

Start time in programme

and a 1.5 hours time limit, then meet at Hythe Sailing Club for a social.

White Sails

We'll give you a white sail handicap if you don't have one


for winners of both Class 1 and Class 2 (and kudos for taking part!)

One of SWSA's most popular races

Pit your skill against the rest : just you and your boat in a single-handed sailing race on Southampton Water.  All of the credit for a good result – all of the blame …..

Single handed sailing race being enjoyed off Hythe

Our annual single-handed race is always exciting.  Sailed with white sails only and with little opportunity to change headsails, the right sail choice is critical on this single handed sailing race in Southampton Water. 

The use of self steering gear is allowed and a good lookout essential, as is sunscreen and a sense of humour.  The last 2 years have enjoyed clear blue skies and a gentle breeze for this ever-popular race day.

The course will be chosen from the weekend and single-handed race courses depending on wind direction on the day.

Single handed racing needs more hands

The race will start early enough on the tide to allow competitors to gather at Hythe Sailing Club for a social after the race. 

Results will be available on the day for celebrations and commiserations to get under way. The Marchwood Cannon is awarded to the winner of Class 1, and the Bronze Cleat goes to the winner of Class 2.

Is it your year to take a trophy home?