SWSA may use text messages to the mobile number on your entry form or facebook for important race information i.e. abandonment, cancellation, postponement etc.

Race entries will require a Byron Handicap available here to take part in SWSA events

Solent Mark Changes 2018

Solent marks 2018

Visual position of Marks in Southampton Water (Google Maps)

2018 Cruiser Racing Entry Form

2018 Cruiser Racing Sailing Instructions

The Buoy Hovercraft 4 (7L) is now in place at 50 52.81N 001 22.40. Bird Pile (7M) has been removed.

Note in the 2018 Evening Series, Class 1 and 2 will sail different but similar courses
The same number will be used to designate the course for both classes. See the
Courses below and the Chartlets

2018 Courses Evening Cruiser Racing Class 1

2018 Courses Evening Cruiser Racing Class 2

The following Chartlets for the Evening Series Courses, are to be used only as a guide to the courses,
They are not to be used for navigation, and SWSA accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Course 60      Course 61        Course 62      Course 63      
Course 64 Course 65 Course 66 Course 67

2018 Courses Passage Race Series

2018 Single Handed Race Course

2018 Bert Drought Series Weekend Courses (Note iss2 without Bird Pile which has been removed)
Courses revised 22/5/18. Updated 23/07/18


Course B     Course H     Course J      Course K    
 Course L Course M Course N Course P