Evening Racing series started Monday 29 April

See you at the start: Hovercraft 2 at 6.30pmĀ 

Join us

This is the first of the 10 race Evening Series. There are 5 discounts so even if you can't make them all you can still win the series. The next 5 races all start at 7.00pm so if earlier starts are difficult be sure to put the next 5 races in your diary.

Step 1

Fill in our Entry Form online here then send by email, or print and post as instructed on the form.

Step 2

Download the Sailing Instructions and Courses from the documents section of this site.

Step 3

Be at Hovercraft 2 for the start at 6.30pm. You need a numeral pennant 1 or 2 for your class flag. If you can't get one in time the just tape a bit of paper with a felt tip pen flag and get a proper one when you can.